Turtle Town!

If you love sea turtles, you won’t want to miss Turtle Town, a popular snorkeling and kayak spot near Makena Landing Beach Park. Here, you can see dozens of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, or “Honu” in Hawaiian, swimming among the coral reefs and feeding on seaweed.

Honu are the most common of the three sea turtle species native to Hawaii, and they have a long and rich history. They have been around for over 100 million years, surviving the dinosaurs and many other changes. They are also revered in Hawaiian culture as symbols of creation, longevity, and wisdom. By observing these gentle creatures, you can learn more about the health and diversity of the marine ecosystem.

With each rental we give instructions how to reach Turtle Town.  Find a spot to park in the lot at Makena Landing Beach Park or if its full anywhere on the street.  From there we are a short 1-2 min walk to the corner of Makena Road and Honoiki Street.

Makena Landing Beach Park

@ Makena Road / Honoiki Street

Please note that some are having issues with the various map applications sending people to the wrong address.  If you are struggling to locate us please search for Makena Landing Beach Park in your GPS application and we will be a short walk from there.

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