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Experience Maui’s ocean and marine life in a new way with Clear Kayaks Maui! Clear Kayaks Maui is the only ocean adventure company in Maui that offers Clear Bottom Kayaks. You’ll be amazed by the views of the underwater world as you paddle the clear and calm waters of Maui.

Clear Kayaks Maui was founded in 2013 by Derek Brown and Kyle Prescott, who wanted to share their passion for clear bottom kayaking with others. They know that Maui is the perfect place for this activity, as it has a rich and diverse marine life that you can see up close.

At Clear Kayaks Maui, we are proud to be a locally owned and operated business. We are passionate about sharing the beauty and culture of Maui with our guests. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will make you feel welcome and comfortable as you embark on your clear bottom kayak adventure. The staff will provide you with a personalized lesson, paddle instructions, water safety tips, and the best spots to go. The boat will also be equipped with a waterproof fish identification cards, so you can learn more about the fish and other creatures that you’ll encounter.

Clear Kayaks Maui has the best reviews from our customers!

Clear Kayaks Maui makes renting a kayak easy and fun. They will take care of everything for you, from setting up your kayak to launching it through the surf and landing it safely. You just need to show up and enjoy!

Clear Kayaks Maui has the most distinctive kayaks on the water!

Clear Kayaks Maui operates a fleet of glass bottom kayaks that are Green and Orange in color. You can easily spot them on the water and join the fun. The kayaks are very stable, comfortable, and easy to use. The glass bottom also magnifies the marine life slightly, making it easier to see.

Clear Kayaks Maui lets you enjoy the ocean at your own pace!

Clear Kayaks Maui allows you to explore the ocean as much as you want. You can paddle fast or slow, depending on your mood and energy level. The best part is that the slower you go, the more you see!

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